"Empowering a woman to step up in their life and business, transform the lives of others and make great money in the process, all while being authentically who they are....now THAT is Iconic!" ~Stephanie Synclair


As an entrepreneur, investor, best selling author multiple times over and philanthropist, Stephanie Synclair is a global leader in business and lifestyle success.

After working 10 years in corporate America, Stephanie hit a rut and completely changed her life

In the last 7 years, Stephanie has published 5 best selling business and lifestyle books as well as helped hundreds of women completely transform their lives by building their own 6 figure and multi 6 figure brands.

Stephanie does this by helping her clients create marketing and sales strategies that attracts ideal clients and grows the bottom line.

She shares public content on the She's Iconic Blog as well as her social media pages.

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